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"The devolution statutes were enacted on the assumption that the UK would be a member of ชุดว่ายน้ำ ขายส่ง the EU, but they do not require it. "Relations with the EU are a matter for the UK government." The Welsh Government had been given permission to make its case in the UK government's Supreme Court appeal of an earlier High Court ruling that said MPs should vote on Article 50. It had told the court that if the sovereignty of Parliament was not upheld, and MPs did not vote on article 50, it would undermine the basis for devolution. Ministers had also argued that using royal prerogative powers to trigger Article 50 short-circuited the Sewel Convention, which requires Welsh assembly members to vote on legislation which affects the Welsh devolution settlement. Media captionMick Antoniw says Parliamentary sovereignty means the Welsh voice will be heard The judgement said that the Sewel Convention was a political constraint on the activity of the UK parliament, but that the policing of its scope and operation was not within the constitutional remit of the courts. In December, the UK government appealed against a High Court ruling that Parliament must approve the Article 50 process of leaving the EU. However, a majority of the judges dismissed the argument that the prime minister could trigger Brexit using crown prerogative - powers used by ministers that do not require the permission of MPs. Mr Antoniw had earlier argued the Article 50 process also needed a vote in Cardiff Bay. He told BBC Wales the ruling was "certainly a victory in terms of upholding the sovereignty of Parliament", and that process now "opens the opportunity to engage through the Sewel convention". "We've never argued for a veto, and the court made that point, but what it does do is stress the importance of the Sewel convention in terms of engagement." What does it all mean for Wales?

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