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Brazil is located in South America and viewed in the U.S. as a third world country with a mixed-race population. In certain contexts, this means Americans consider Brazilians as Latins. Hollywood has been one of the greatest promoters of this idea. The industry typically portrays Brazilians as stereotypical Latinos : The women are sexy or tragic, the men dangerous or disposable all are terrific dancers. Not surprisingly, Hollywoods most famous Brazilian of all time, Carmen Miranda, embodied all things Latin under her tutti frutti hat during the 1940s . The conflation also shows up in the recent Netflix series Narcos. Brazilian actor Wagner Moura plays Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar with a foreign accent in both English and Spanish to great acclaim. Still, if Brazilians can tell the difference, why are they confused? Apart from the mixed messages of Hollywood and the census, another source of uncertainty lies in the different racial schemes prevalent in the U.S. and Brazil . While Americans often perceive people of mixed ancestry as nonwhite , Brazilians tend to understand race in a continuum and consider not only appearance or descent but also social and economic status. As Luciano Gomes, a Brazilian immigrant who lives in Florida and works as a driver, observes, We see race in shades: light-skinned, dark skin, cafe con leche. Navigating Brazilian-ness Residents take part in the Olympic Flame torch relay in Gravata, Pernambuco state, Brazil, May 31, 2016.

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Also on Sunday, an Israeli official said Netanyahu had ordered that until Trump takes office, cabinet ministers refrain from traveling to or meeting officials of countries that voted in favor of the U.N. resolution. Speaking on MSNBC on Monday, Israel's ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, accused the Obama administration of orchestrating Friday's U.N. vote behind the scenes, despite U.S. denials. The diplomatic drama unfolded over the Christmas holiday, with twists and turns unusual even for the serpentine path followed by Netanyahu's relationship with a Democratic president who opposes settlement building. On Thursday, Netanyahu successfully lobbied Egypt, which proposed the draft resolution, to withdraw it - enlisting the help of President-elect Trump to persuade Cairo to drop the bid. But the Israeli leader was ultimately outmaneuvered at the United Nations, where New Zealand, Venezuela, Senegal and Malaysia, resubmitted the proposal a day later. It passed 14-0, with an abstention from the United States, withholding Washington's traditional use of its veto to protect Israel at the world body in what was widely seen as a parting shot by Obama against Netanyahu and his settlement policy. ACCELERATED CONSTRUCTION A U.S. official said key to Washington's decision was concern that Israel would continue to accelerate settlement construction in occupied territory and put a two-state solution of the conflict with the Palestinians at risk.

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