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This is my time to get away from home, she explained over dinner at Hotel Costes, crunching down on a bread crust. Youre way too fucking needy, Mom. This, on the one hand, reads like a teen-agers expected plea for some space, but it is also, perhaps, a reaction to the life Kendall has lived since she was a child. Stop following me, she seems to say, and not just to her mother. Stop making everything into a plotline. In this way, Kendall bears some similarities to the reality-television refusniks of the recent past, such as Aimee Osbourne, who chose not to participate in the mid-aughts MTV show documenting the family life of her parents, Ozzy and Sharon, and her camera-hungry younger siblings, Jack and Kelly. Rob Kardashian, who was depressed and reclusive prior to his relationship with Blac Chyna, also shunned the K.U.W.T.K. cameras completely for several seasons, emerging only very occasionally on late-night fast-food runs, where he would be captured, Yeti-like, by ravening paparazzi. And yet, unlike them, additional reading Kendall has chosen to remain consistently in the spotlighton the show, on magazine covers, on international runways. As one of the so-called Instagirl models of the moment, she seems to be aware of the utility of her own evasiveness. In a recent blog post on her Web site and app (which costs $24.99 to access annually), she explained that she is shyer than her sisters, who are much louder than her. When I think something, I dont usually say it, which is fine, she added.

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