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Its founding members and steering committee consists of five adults and five children from the Rothweil, Barivan and McRae families. As parents, we really wanted to show our kids what community activism is all about, said Jenny Kurzweil, whose two sons Sasha and Jacob Rothweil were among those who helped choose the recipient nonprofit, organize the event and run it. Sundays event supported Senderos , the local organization that, among other services, specializes in teaching Latino culture and history through the artistic expression of dance and music. The brass bands instruments flashed in the dazzling sun on the Branciforte small schools campus as the young Senderos musicians played and Senderos dancers performed in flamboyantly colored dresses. Our goal is to push our kids towards the goal of higher education, but we also teach cultural values to instill pride and strength, said Senderos director Fe Silva-Robles. Senderos currently has 37 children enrolled in its music program and 55 children in its dance program, according to Silva-Robles. Of course, Senderos has also been increasingly involved in immigration issues due to the fear surrounding President Donald Trumps proposed crackdown on undocumented immigrants. People are concerned, said Silva-Robles. We have been connecting them with immigration lawyers to make sure they understand their basic rights. Sasha Rothweil, 11, said the countrys current political climate played a role in the steering committees decision to choose Senderos as Sundays recipient.

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