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ชุดนอนเซ็กซี่ alt='Three boys sit inside their house' align='left' /> Although they have to use basketballs instead of footballs and play on a dusty open area, their passion and skills are exciting to watch. The programme sees Premier League coaches travel to a range of countries where they provide face-to-face training for new coaches and teachers who can pass on this knowledge to those in their communities, creating a sustainable model for the future. So far Premier Skills has reached 29 countries including Afghanistan, Malaysia, Mexico, Sudan and Vietnam. Image copyright Charlie Clift Image caption A group of Chelsea supporters feels more like a family in Johannesburg, sharing childcare and memories of games gone by. Image copyright Charlie Clift Image caption Pupils from The Orient Girls School in Kolkata train on an open area of grass which they have to share with the cows wandering the streets of their city. Image copyright Charlie Clift Image caption A stallholder in the backstreets of Kolkata wears an Arsenal top alongside his local attire. As well as photographing those taking part in football training and games Clift captured the football followers he encountered, the everyday people in their favourite team's kit. Image copyright Charlie Clift Image caption Barry is a gastroenterologist in Johannesburg. He has lined every room in his practice with photographs of Manchester United and memorabilia from matches.

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They are kosher and are sold at a wide variety of retailers. The southern part of the United States has always been known for great desserts. Brennans of Houston makes these soft praline pieces that remind you of the delicious fudge that you find in Atlantic City. Whoopie pies are a southern treat, but the sweetest that I have ever tasted are those from Wicked Whoopies (wickedwhoopies.com), surprisingly made in Freeport, Maine, a Portland suburb famous for its outlet shopping. Former investment banker Liz Fife recently started a New York-based company, Batter & Cream (batterandcream.com), that specializes in whoopie pies. Cheryls (cheryls.com) has a Valentines Day gift box of its popular cookies while Harry & Davids has gift baskets of its popular Moose Munch popcorn as well as its many other confections. Couples who are coffee drinkers and who dont mind a touch of saccharine kitsch should purchase Care Bears his and hers mugs. For the spirits industry, Valentines Day ranks just behind New Years Eve in terms of sales numbers. Liqueurs such as Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur, Baileys Old Irish Creme, Kahlua and Baileys Salted Caramel and Baileys recent creation, Espresso Cafe Creme, are safe bets.

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