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Adidas , for one, began toying with the idea of 3D-printed footwear in recent years, which led to the introduction of its Futurecraft 3D concept in 2015. But the German sportswear company doesn't want to stop there. Today, it announced that it will be selling a 3D-printed running shoe for the first time, albeit in limited-edition form. Not to crush your enthusiasm early on, but these are going to be hard to get. Gallery: Adidas 3D Runner press images | 13 Photos 13 +9 The 3D Runner , as the shoe is named, features a similar design as the one Adidas gifted its medal-winning athletes during the 2016 Rio Olympics . It has a black Primeknit upper, like what what you see on Yeezys or Ultra Boosts, and a midsole made from 3D-printed materials -- that's the main highlight here. Unfortunately, you'll only have the chance to buy a pair if you live in New York City, London or Tokyo, with pricing set at $333. Those of you in NYC can try reserving tomorrow via the Adidas Confirmed app, which is available for iOS and Android , and then pick up your pair at the brand's new flagship store on 5th Avenue . Meanwhile, people in the other two cities can try their luck on Thursday, December 15th.

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Hitman Nadim Ayupov with the motorbike plastered with Nazi symbols Eleman and the Chechen then decided to pretend they were interested in carrying out the job, and arranged a meeting to find out more. According to Eleman, the man looking for hired killers was an ethnic Uzbek with a Russian passport, who had been trained by the Russian FSB - his name, Sobir Shukurov, or "Sasha". "We had our meeting. A list of about 15 people in Turkey was mentioned. The Russian secret service wanted four people to be killed right away and they wanted it to be done simultaneously," Eleman says. "They had an enormous budget for this. They offered $300,000 for each one killed." Moscow maintains some degree of relevance - by saying, 'We can help you do your dirty work - or even do your dirty work for you sometimes' Prof Mark Galeotti, Institute of International Relations, Prague Eleman and his Chechen friend decided to warn the four intended victims, including Bukhari - who they met face-to-face - and a former Uzbek opposition leader, Mohamed Saleh. Eleman and his friend then went to the police and told them what they had learned. This was six months before Bukhari was killed, but it was only after his murder that police took action.