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BYD Auto, the world's biggest-selling electric car maker, supplies more tips here battery-powered buses and taxis in the United States and Europe. Great Wall opened a European assembly plant in Bulgaria in 2012. It has similar facilities with local partners in Russia, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt and Ecuador. SUVs have an outsized role in China, where their popularity has helped offset sagging demand for sedans and other vehicles. Sales of domestic brand SUVs soared 58 percent last year to 5.3 million units out of total sales of 24.4 million in the world's biggest auto market. They are growing fastest in the lowest price ranges, dominated by Haval and Chinese rivals. That has helped Chinese brands to claw back market share they were losing to global competitors. The top seller was Haval's flagship H6, starting at 89,000 yuan ($12,900), which has become China's most popular vehicle to date. H6 ธุรกิจขายตรง sales surged 55 percent last year to 580,000 units while the overall market grew 15 percent.

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